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Laura Van Horne

Artist Statement:

I create art because I have to.  I am driven by curiosity and gather inspiration from a variety of places:  nature, photography, humor, and anything from another era. I would call myself a medium-based artist as I enjoy many styles of painting and experiment with a variety of challenging, innovative mediums and materials to create art. My encaustic and acrylic mixed media paintings are often abstract and landscape inspired with lots of layers and texture.  My ink and resin paintings have evolved from years of experimentation with an elixir of ink, pigments, paints and resin used on different substrates.  The result appears organic and scientific with geodes, human cells, iris and orbs coming to mind.



Laura Van Horne is a mixed-media artist who works in encaustic, acrylic, watercolor, ink, resin, paper and textiles.  She was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and moved to Seattle, WA in 1994.  She studied acrylic and encaustic painting at Pratt Fine Art Center, in Seattle, WA.  Laura has participated in a number of group and solo art shows over the past 15 years.  Her work is in a number of prestigious private collections throughout the United States and Canada.