Holly ManneckWorks

My process may be complex but my images are simple. They are a slice of life past and present that tell a story. As I develop a montage of images a story emerges which invites the viewer to experience the tale.  I use vintage images and my own photos always choosing images that I connect with. I hope the viewer finds a connection that either evokes a feeling or thought. I often use images of women to give a voice and sense of empowerment.

My art is a metaphor for life, the complexity of everyday life reveals that we are all simply human.

I earned a BS  from the University of Vermont in Social Work and then continued my studies at Plymouth State University in NH where I studied Graphic Design and Fine Art.

I have lived in many places, Norway, Germany, ST. John USVI, Grand Cayman, onboard a Cruise Ship, and grew up in Vermont. I grew up in the ski industry and taught skiing and snowboarding. I also taught swimming and diving and for the last 10 years my husband and I live in Montana in the summer. All these experiences have shaped my work and have helped me in my creative process creating a very unique style.